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Creativity, professionalism and passion are the three keywords for Campusmate. Grab the opportunity to use your creativity to find your passion and make it your proffession.

Education Is Everything

Knowledge is the pillar of everything. And knowledge comes by education. Application of knowledge without the proper education is like throwing stones blind-folded.

Online Education System

In this digital era, each and everything can be done online. Even students are more comfortable with the online tutorials and other stuff found on The Internet.

Flexible & Modular

The student should be determined but still flexible enough to switch if he is not interested in his work. Once one puts work in modules, it is easy to work with.

Jobs & Internships

Jobs and internships are very important words for college students nowadays. Just choose things correctly and don’t panic, that’s what they need to keep in their minds.

Don't Forget To Believe Yourself!

Believing in your inner self is the most important thing to do something fruitful in life. Once you keep a hold on it, you will go on till the last. All the best, folks!


CAMPUSMATE will bring the best in you

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Campusmate with the some noble thoughts is a try to help the humankind in a way of it own with the boon of knowledge and technology. It can be put like, in other words, the best kind of use of knowledge and technology. There are thousands of Application UI can be found on the internet, but we need to categorize their work, hardly few of them eases the human activities. It may include factors like entertainment and others but not important ones like Campusmate does. Campusmate is the totally new approach towards the betterment of the educational society.

We know no intellectual activity happens without knowledge, no knowledge someone can acquire without a proper attitude! A proper attitude is everything. Once you get yourself on the right track, you can find a change in yourself with a better attitude towards life. That’s what everyone needs. So, Campusmate  just needs a right attitude of yours towards it to help it grow and it will take care of you in every possible it can. Everything in life happens with a significant relationship with ones who are related to the happening. Campusmate wants to build such a strong relationship with the society for its betterment, thus catering to the welfare of the humankind.

You Want, We  Give

  • Our Process
  • Interface for students, teachers and parents

    A great platform to keep your child’s college academic records and interact with his teacher. It’s a noble try to connect students with their teachers and parents on clouds.

  • Jobs & Internships

    We offer the students to enroll in the best colleges and get best internships and jobs to see a great hike in their coming lives.

  • Online Study Materials

    With a bonanza to the services, we will provide you the Best Online Study Materials for a wide range of subjects along with mock tests at intervals.

  • Newsletter

    Once you’re subscribed to us, You will be getting notifications through SMS and emails about the things corresponding to your resume.

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An Indispensable Journey!

Campusmate is thought processed by an award winning team for best software product in 2015. It aims to use the best of the technologies to create something new and innovative in the world of education.


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IIT Kanpur alumni co-found visual search startup iLenze, raise $500K funding

April 21, 2014
  The journey which Ashish Kumar, Koustubh Sinhal and Ankit Sachan took was one filled with aspirations. Before even starting up, Ashish recalls how enamoured he was with Zomato. Such was his love for the company’s services that theirs was the first mobile application he downloaded for personal use. But aspirations are fuelled by vision, determination and passion. And these IIT-Kanpur graduates have plenty of each. They aspired to build an Indian company which has a global stature. Having lived together for 10 years now, the three co-founders had an inclination for all things technical. They used to return from work and code all night. Ashish says working on a railway ticket waitlist prediction platform was what got them all engrossed in the first places. The platform was never launched, but it helped them realise their calling. What was next? The trio quit their jobs to focus on their passion completely. Soon, they co-founded a social fashion discovery platform called Fashupp which proved to be a stepping stone for their second venture. The idea for their current startup came from Sci-Fi fiction, where protagonists get more information about an object just by looking at it. They realised that visual inspiration is the innate approach to product discovery. The iLenze journey   After a successful stint, the trio started iLenze in January 2015 and launched the product in June. Essentially, a visual search startup, iLenze tries to bridge the information gap between the real and the online world. It enables users to search for any object one can see with their eyes. With product discovery as its core concept, the startup is currently working in fashion, furniture and home-decor domains. Within three months of its launch, the company is already piloting with established e-commerce players for enabling and integrating visual search onto their platforms. Being all about aspirations, Ashish tells us “Our bigger vision is to create a meta visual search marketplace. We have already started doing groundwork and one can expect the product being rolled out in a couple of months.” The venture plans to take-off with its consumer marketplace in phases, with the app to be launched this October. The company is also planning to go global with its partnerships and has commenced work with a Singapore-based startup. Ashish says that in the near future they are aiming to close 10 global partners contributing 50 per cent of their revenues. Additionally, in the next six months, iLenze intends on expanding into verticals like electronics and FMCG. At present in liaison with six clients, the firm closed revenues of USD 3,000 last month while having contracts worth USD 10,000. However, understanding the market opportunity before them, the venture is gunning for revenue of USD 1,00,000 by the end of next six months. Milestone Funding Bootstrapped until now, iLenze raised its seed funding of USD 5,00,000 from Singapore-based Mercatus Capital. Speaking exclusively to YourStory on the investment, Ashish tells us that the funds will primarily go into building the technical team. With

How three students are making millions sans raising any funding: The Testament’s story

March 12, 2014
Starting up isn’t easy, and it becomes more challenging when one starts out from a Tier-II college. Managing studies, tweaking up the product, chalking out operational roadmap and raising funds often overlap. And things turn for the worse when your maiden investor ditches you after a formal promise to fund your promising venture. Three IP University alumni overcame the disappointment when their college management backed out after promising initial funding and yet set up their startup – The Testament.Quisque porta ipsum quis neque elementum lacinia. Pellentesque ut risus rutrum, tristique lacus nec, mollis risus. Vestibulum mollis erat arcu, eu vehicula purus consequat nec. Nulla turpis leo, aliquet id risus ut, volutpat tincidunt justo. Maecenas faucibus, est id gravida bibendum, nisl leo pulvinar eros, vel luctus nisi justo at dui. Nulla ultrices nulla id ultricies dignissim. Fusce id viverra massa, vitae congue eros. Fusce mi neque, sagittis eu dapibus ac, sodales nec est. Fusce a tempor justo. Donec pellentesque consectetur nunc consequat commodo. Nulla facilisi. Quisque id tellus urna. Aliquam lacinia velit ut convallis posuere. Floated in April 2012, Testament started as a university journal. “Our objective then was to brand IP University because we wanted to break- out of the inferiority complex of being in a Tier- II institute,” says Nishant Mittal (23), Co-founder, The Testament. Initially, everything seemed hunky-dory for Team Testament, which got commitment for seed round (in July 2012) from their college management, and was covered by a few national dailies. It then hit rock bottom when the college backed out. Nishant adds, We could have stopped there and moved on to the next best thing, but we chose to stay on course and evolve. Besides Nishant, Avneesh Khanna and Kumar Sambhav are the other co-founders of The Testament. The trio did engineering at IP university. Keep pivoting till you achieve right path From a university journal, The Testament moulded itself into a training and development company, and later explored media and marketing opportunities. “These were monetarily less rewarding avenues, but in the course of this journey, we created a disguised network of over one million students across the nation in a span of 12 months,” adds Nishant. Supported by sustainable training services, The Testament pivoted its position and ventured successfully into manpower solutions to provide temporary manpower services to companies. With time, the company evolved and started providing market acquisition, engagement and retention services to companies looking to acquire markets via on-ground activation. From zero to over a crore revenue Currently, The Testament employs over 60 people on a daily basis across 10 cities. The company claims to register 400 percent growth from last fiscal. Nishant says, We did close to Rs 30- lakh revenue last fiscal and are slated to hit Rs 1.2 crore in the current FY. The startup claims to snap up a 20 percent healthy margin in each project it undertakes. It serves Ford, General Motors, Maruti Suzuki, UBM, Messe, and thriving startups like Uber, Quikr, Tripda, UrbanClap, Swajal, and GMAS. Nishant